February 17, 2009

Spirit 'It' cocktail class

Bob Louison informs me that he and Ariel will be holding a cocktail class this Saturday, 21st February, in the Grand Millenium's Havana Bar from 6-8pm. The cocktail list is still to be finalized but will likely include creative variations on the Martini, Mojito, Bloody Mary and a few surprises. The cost will be 220 RMB. You should contact Bob to reserve a place.

Mobile: 15010352077
Email: bobariels@gmail.com

Grand Millenium
Fortune Plaza 7, Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Guomao

Update: photos from the class


Spirit 'It' said...

Hi Ben,
Thank you first for putting this add on your blog.
To let you and all your readers know, we finalized the cocktails you will see during the class.
First we will have Cherry tomato martini followed by a Bloody Mary, then a Grand Passion Mojito with a twist of orange to change.
You will surely appreciate our Grand Marnier Honey Sour quite good mix. We kept the best for the end:
A Grand Blazer
I'll let you discover later what is the recipe, but i can already tell you it should be a flaming test, and goes perfectly for an after dinner cocktail based with cognac and Grand Marnier.
If you have any question please let us know.
Thank you Ben and see you all at the class.

michel said...

it was just great. and in case ben and grace are too modest to mention it they won 2nd and 3rd place (and in my opinion would had deserved 1st and 2nd) at the best impro cocktail...